Author name: Greg Asia

Greg graduated from Charis Bible College, Kansas City, Missouri, in May 2012, then went on to complete the Third-year Ministry School in Woodland Park, Colorado in May 2013. He was subsequently called to serve as a Regional Partner Relations Minister for Andrew Wommack Ministries in June 2013, serving in that capacity for eight years. Greg is a licensed and ordained minister through Charis Bible College. Greg’s passion is to teach the uncompromised truths of Word of God, in a simplistic and practical manner, with a special focus and emphasis on apologetics.

What is Truth?

This was one of the questions Pontius Polite, the Roman Governor of Judea A.D. 26-36, asked Jesus who had been brought before him after the mockery of the trials He went through almost two thousand years ago. This account is recorded in John 18:38 and it appears Polite walk away from Jesus and did not …

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